Saturday, July 9, 2011

Creative Ideas to do at the Lake

My parents' cottage is on one of the Lake Erie islands which is notorious for it's rocky beaches.  I have to wear swim shoes when I go swimming!

The cool thing about it though is that it is a prime spot to find beach glass. 
It is so exciting to find these gorgeous pieces of smoothed down glass.  I could search all day long!  Here are some of the pieces I found:

Another creative thing to do at the lake is look for interesting shaped-rocks.  I began to look for heart-shaped rocks and found quite a few!  I have a mini collection now:)

Another thing I collect are feathers:

They actually work well as paintbrushes:

I used a feather to create these interesting brushstrokes in my sketchbook with watercolors.  Kind of reminds me of using a fan brush!

 And lastly, my favorite thing to do is....

Paint on rocks!  Using acrylic paint (very important...don't use anything else or it will come off!) I painted a funny little toad and some designs on some smaller rocks.  So fun:)  What is your favorite thing to do on vacation at the lake?

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Stela said...

I love all the colors of the beach glass! So gorgeous.