Monday, February 11, 2013

High School Bulletin Board: Art Connects

Here is a new board I just created for my classroom. I call it the Art Connects board because it shows how all of the elements and principles of art and design connect in art.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Art Room Tour

Welcome to my high school art room! This is where I spend my days!

Little Bird on a Rock

Literally this bird is on a rock!  Hello!  I hope everything is going well with you!  I have actually been able to post more on this blog because my school district keeps getting two hour delays which is very amazing!  Today we have one because of fog.  Unusual for January in Ohio, usually delays are for snow!

Anyways, I am soooo excited for warm, sunny weather.  I get like this every year about this time, completely obsessed with spring and summer!  When it gets warm I am also able to go to my parents cottage on Lake Erie.  There is a ferry service that runs from March until November so I am not able to go to the cottage until the end of March!  So sad!

 I have posted numerous posts about my "island life" if you would like to check them out.  One thing about being on Lake Erie is that the beaches are not made of sand, they are for the most part made of perfectly rounded stones.  I have found these stones to be  amazing for painting on!  When I was a little girl I have many fond memories of painting on these stones.  This usually consisted of writing my name, making the stones look like ladybugs, etc.  As an adult I find these stones to be perfect little canvases for paintings of birds, frogs and dragonflies.  I  adore painting on these and also love giving them as gifts!  They make great little  paperweights and truly brighten any work space.

So here is my shameless plug.....this little bird is actually in my etsy store.  I painted him recently after joyously discovering I had brought this stone home from the island.  It was sitting in my drawer of my art desk just waiting to be painted!  If you would like to give him a new home check him out here.  I would also like to know any other suggestions for my future island stone paintings....I am a bit partial to birds but would LOVE any other suggestions.  I need to get out of my comfort zone!

Well I hope you have a wonderful day, I am off to make another cup of coffee and wait for Little I to get up (which should be very soon now!)  Have a great day:)

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Weekend away!

This weekend my husband and I went out of town to a conference for his work . We went to Indianapolis and had an amazing time! So nice to get away and learn more about his business and hang out with the wonderful and caring people of his company! A change of scenery is always nice don't you think? What did you do this weekend?

Friday, January 25, 2013

New Painting! French Cafe Love

Here is my latest painting!  I really like the look of using a stencil to create text within the painting.  I created these stencils by printing out text from Openoffice (basically like Microsoft word) and then used an xacto blade to cut out the letters.  It gives it kind of a vintage feel I think.

This painting was inspired by my absolute love of coffee, outdoor cafes, flowers and anything French!  There is a 1950's National Geographic French map collaged into the background.

I haven't been able to do as many paintings as I have wanted to do but I think it is a start to at least have one finished!  Most of the artwork I have to work on is for my classes that I teach.  So it is actually an incredible feat that this painting was finished!

So here it is:

 I hope you are having a great Friday!  The husband and I are going to a conference in Indianapolis tomorrow for the Husband's work.  Little I is staying with my in-laws this weekend so the husband and I were actually able to watch a movie tonight!  We watched Pitch Perfect and I thought it was very cute and made me wish I could sing. 

What are your plans for this weekend?

Monday, January 21, 2013

Painting with a Two-year Old

Yes it can be done!  Little I loves to paint right now and I love to do it with her!  Our new favorite paints are Crayola Washable paints which I find to be thick, have a great selection of colors and are indeed washable (very important!)  We often use her shape sorter set that she received as a little baby to create many different shaped prints.  My favorite is just watching her mix colors and apply the paint on to the paper.  Sometimes she just throws paint on the paper, other times she really thinks about what she is painting and I am very surprised by some of her results!

Painting with Little I has to be one of my favorite things to do with her.  In a society when children too often like to just sit and watch television, play video games or play on the ipad (this is a huge new trend for kids...don't know how I feel about it!) painting is such a creative, fun and relaxing outlet for kids!