Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I heart post-its

Dear Art Pen Pal,

I just sent you a letter and here is a clue as to what is in it:)


hehe..I love having an art pen pal:)

On another have you been? I am still kind of bad about posting on this blog. I have been very busy with school and have just posted some art on my classroom blog.

I am having a great year so far and actually have an art show in November that I am pretty excited about. I have not shown my art in about 5 1/2 years! I know it will be fun:)

I have been feeling pretty inspired lately and cannot wait to create some new art.

Here is a mini canvas that I painted that is just waiting to get finished (my little white bird likes to sit near it and pretend it is by the ocean)

Meanwhile I can't stop listening to Madeline Peyroux...she is my favorite!

Have a great evening! I will post soon!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Oh Sunday...

(lantern picture taken on my last excursion to downtown Cleveland) Love the colors!

Sundays are bittersweet for me....what about you? It is the last day to sleep in for the weekend and I find myself thinking the whole day about the crazy week ahead of me.

Oh Sunday.....

This Sunday was spent working on lesson plans for my Intro to Art class and writing recommendation letters for colleagues and students. Now I need to go and grade some projects...very busy busy!

I just posted some new student projects on my class website if you are interested:

PHS Artroom blog

Hope your Sunday is going well!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Classroom Blog

(Drawing done by one of my students!)

Hello! Just wanted to share my newest project that I am working on! I am currently working on a blog for my art classes this year! I started last year but then got totally sidetracked when I started my masters program! Now I have a little time so I resumed the classroom blog.

Here is the link if you are interested:
PHS Art Room

I would love for you to check it out and see what we have been up to so far this year!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend! It is absolutely gorgeous here and a perfect day to be outside! Too bad I have loads to do for school! Fun stuff though... just working on ideas for my classes.

Have a great day!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Return to blogging!

I am back. I have not been blogging for a couple of weeks in order to gather my thoughts and ideas together. Life has been very crazy and I kind of needed a break from my computer in general.

So...Hello again! How have you been?

Happy Labor Day weekend...I hope you are enjoying it, I know I am!

Yesterday the husband and I went kayaking in Lake was such a beautiful day!
We had a cookout last night. I honestly made nothing...I was just along for the food:)
The husband made: Asparagus, Corn on the Cob and Shrimp....yum!

Aren't my napkins cute?! I think adorable napkins are a necessity in dining! They just make everything look great:)

Art-wise, I have been focusing on drawing and painting more realistically. Since school is back in session, I find that I need to be on top of my game more when helping students. Before school started I completed the following artworks (not realistic at all!):

A cafe painting that hangs in my kitchen:

3 Vase Series:

Well I hope your weekend is fantastic! I am off to go running now and then the husband and I are taking a train downtown Cleveland for an Indians game! I am not much of a baseball fan but love to go into the city and sitting in the sun sounds great:)