Friday, July 31, 2009

Video of the day: Of Montreal

I just found this video and had to post this! This is a song called Id Engager by the wonderful and clever band Of Montreal. The reason I adore this video so much is because it completely ties in with a Surrealism game I play with my drawing students called an exquisite corpse.
So much fun:)

Well I hope you enjoy your Friday and have a lovely weekend!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summer Means 3....

Here is the third installment of my Summer Means series. If you missed the previous posts check them out: Summer means 1 and Summer Means 2
(or just scroll down my blog...they are there also!)

Summer means....


Here is one of my favorite beaches that I have been going to since I was a kid.

Isn't this red umbrella adorable? I want one for my next trip to the beach!

I also adore sunsets on the does not really get much better than this!

I took this picture of my brother last year on our family vacation. I love how he is staring out at the water, lost in thought.

*These beach pictures are all from Michigan City, Indiana*

Have a lovely day! I am off to enjoy my summer before it ends soon (school is starting up in a couple of weeks!)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Summer Means 2....


Yesterday the husband and I went on a little picnic at the park...just one of the perks of summer! I love being able to eat outside!

We both ordered some delicious salads from a lovely deli near our house and ate them on a picnic table at our favorite park.


After we ate, we went on a hike throughout the park. Another one of my favorite things to do in the summer!

Tomorrow I will post the 3rd part of my summer series! Have a great day!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer Means... part 1

I will be posting a series on what summer means to me. I love summer, it is my favorite time of year and I dream about it throughout the whole year! When it finally comes I feel that I take it for granted and do not appreciate the true beauty of it until it is gone. So here begins my ode to summer...

Summer means flowers....

Here is a beautiful outside market of flowers...I want them all!

A little market on a fun!

Window lovely!

Flowers blooming by this charming fountain

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Today the husband and I are going to be relaxing and getting ready for a crazy week tomorrow. A lot of life changing events are taking place in our household and it can be very stressful at times!

I am quite notorious for getting overly stressed out and my husband is very laid back. We compliment each other in that he just compliments me and helps me chill out!

When I get stressed out, this is what helps me relax:
1. Light a candle and put on Madeleine Peyroux or Norah Jones (the Norah Jones channel on pandora is amazing!)

2. I go running...I find this helps a lot especially if I have a great mix on my ipod.

3. Paint/draw...anything...mix colors, collage things, anything that is fun!

4. Read something fashion magazines and home decorating magazines...oh and those chick lit books make me smile as well!

5. way around it. I prefer my chocolate with a big mug of coffee...this usually leads to numerous amounts of chocolate but oh is only to help with the destressing process!

6. Writing letters to friends and family...something therapeutic about letter writing (not email...actual letters!) I have such a thing for pretty stationary also!

7. Shop...this is one I am going to need to stop! I adore or in person!

8. Calling my mom. She totally helps me chill out and put things into perspective!

9. Hanging out with Mr. Jack Henry. He is my little dog and sidekick. He follows me wherever I go:)

10.Blogging! Yes, I love to blog! It helps me relax and I love reading other fun...and addicting!

So what helps you relax?

Friday, July 24, 2009

The 3 Clever Vases

I just added a new artwork to my etsy shop called the 3 Clever Vases

Here is their story:

The 3 Clever Vases perched on a ledge in a charming cafe. They enjoyed the people watching and dished about the latest gossip. Some might say they were shallow but they prided themselves as being quite witty and wise.

This artwork would look great in a modern home or lovely little cottage where the 3 Clever Vases would have loads to gossip about!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Simple Pleasures 2

I did a post a couple of weeks ago called Simple Pleasures. Here is the second installment to this series!

This little still life:

These delicious strawberries in my favorite Michael Aram bowl:

This lovely container that holds my cooking utensils (that I rarely use...the husband does all of the cooking!) I love the color and the organic shapes of the pattern!

This photo of my dad and me from my wedding. I love how candid it is! I hate posed boring!

This vintage book on birds...very inspiring!

My collection of shells...I just love their shapes and how they all look together.

What are some of your simple pleasures?

Monday, July 20, 2009

New Artwork!

Alas, I finally have gotten around to putting new artwork into my little etsy store!

I am quite excited and hope you will take a peek at my new items! There are many more to come, I think I am on a roll!

Here is a quick glimpse:

Vino III

Resting Red Deer

Lovely Blue Bird

Lovely Pink Bird

Well I am off to work in my studio, have a fantastic Tuesday!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Today I have actually had some time to work on my little etsy shop. I recently read somewhere that it is important to show off your artwork as best as you can through your pictures. So I had a little fun taking pictures of one of my favorite little collage paintings called Bouquet.

Here are some of my pictures:

What do you think?!

Well I am off to take more pictures! Have a lovely day:)

Saturday, July 18, 2009


I hope everyone is having a fantastic Saturday! I have been in my studio for most of the day working on a new series. This series is called Weightless and is inspired by my new fascination of hot air balloons....I just love them and think they are romantic and dare I say it...*magical*.

So here is the beginning of my series:

Weightless 1

Weightless 2

These are small little paintings (about 5 x 7) and will hopefully be in my etsy shop soon!

Have a great Saturday!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Paris (Pear-is)

This is my newest little artwork that I will be sending my art pen pal It combines my love of Paris with my love of fruit...corny.....*yes*

Have a lovely is very stormy and dark here, hope you are having a nicer day wherever you are!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Simple Pleasures....

Right now I am all about enjoying the simple things in life. I hope you are to!

Simple pleasures include......

My summer studio

Fun containers to hold brushes, pencils & pens

Daisies in my garden

This picture of my grandma (on the left) and two of her fashionable friends from the 40's

A delish latte in the afternoon to keep me going

Mr. Jack Henry sitting next to me as I blog away on my laptop

Hope your day is filled with simple pleasures!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New Direction....

I am a girl with many different interests and loves. Recently I have felt like changing my artwork a little. I have always loved painting from observation and from photographs but have not done so lately because I was interested in creating a more stylized and abstract line of art. I am constantly trying to figure out what my "style" is. In college I always did paintings with very high key colors that combined my love with fashion and color. As I have gotten older I have been attracted to more neutral and simpler colors. I have been obsessed with white and blue for awhile now and lately I am really into french gray (and no, not because it has the word french in it...but that does help!)

So here are some of my new artworks that are not finished but still reflect a change in style. I would really like to know if you like these or my colorful collage artworks better. They are so different (except for the birds!)but I honestly like both of them.


Chickadee with coffee cup...which one do you like better?

Olive Warbler...obviously not finished but I like the contrast:)

Well I am off to continue working in my studio! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday! Here is a little Billie Holiday "Summertime" for you. I just love her:)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Here are some things I saw this morning:

A pretty little glass vase on my window sill

A shelf in my kitchen with a little white bird and cup. I love anything white!

A small blue dish...I just love this pattern...

Summer sun coming in through my upstairs window

My new cute sandals...I think I might just wear them today!

I think it is important to appreciate the little things around us that make us happy! What have you seen today?