Monday, January 21, 2013

Painting with a Two-year Old

Yes it can be done!  Little I loves to paint right now and I love to do it with her!  Our new favorite paints are Crayola Washable paints which I find to be thick, have a great selection of colors and are indeed washable (very important!)  We often use her shape sorter set that she received as a little baby to create many different shaped prints.  My favorite is just watching her mix colors and apply the paint on to the paper.  Sometimes she just throws paint on the paper, other times she really thinks about what she is painting and I am very surprised by some of her results!

Painting with Little I has to be one of my favorite things to do with her.  In a society when children too often like to just sit and watch television, play video games or play on the ipad (this is a huge new trend for kids...don't know how I feel about it!) painting is such a creative, fun and relaxing outlet for kids!


Cindy said...

she is so cute and i love her apron!

Karen Fields said...

Hi Michelle! Oh so sweet! I have pictures of my little sister painting when I was single and in my apartment; we are 16 years apart in age. I cherish those photos now. Love the post!