Saturday, May 9, 2009

Life is Art

This was the theme for our annual spring art show. We had our art show on Tuesday and it was a huge success! Here are some pictures from the show:

Look at all of the beautiful art!

Art is is art!

I am so glad the art show was successful! I am also glad it is done! It is so fun but so much work putting it all together! Luckily I have three other art teachers and lots of helpful students to work with in putting this together!

Oh...and guess who came to the art show:

My Grandma! Yay! She liked the art and the refreshments:)

I am off to go running and hopefully actually do some painting today! Hope you have a great Saturday!



Hi Michelle! Beautiful art display! Your grandma looks so happy to be with you!

jlc said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!!

Love yours! Why am I not surprised you love Anthro?? My mom is an Art teacher as well!

Guess it was fate. :)

...Southern Bride... said...

Looks like fun! =)

cindy : quaint said...

congratulations! the artwork looks great as does your grandmother ;).