Monday, August 23, 2010

Art Bulletin Board Ideas

Wow...very exciting title to my post.  Sorry!  Since school is almost back in session I have pretty much been living in my classroom.  Today I spent the majority of my time working on the bulletin boards in my classroom.  Since my school (and every school it seems!) is on a tight budget, I had to purchase my own bulletin board paper!  My favorite thing to use is colored wrapping paper.  I love Hobby Lobby's huge rolls of fun patterns.  However for my bulletin boards I stuck with white and blue as my main colors.

Here is the start of one board:

Elements of Art Board:

I  painted the entire border with gold, silver, white and turquoise tempera paint.  It took forever but gives the border some depth I think!  The elements are all made from some lovely stamps I bought.  Luckily I had a student stamp out the elements for me last year so I didn't have to do them again!

Here is my Principles of Design board.  It is hard to see but I listed each principle and put an artwork next to the principle that illustrates it.  I am going to be adding definitions next to each principle as I go over them with students in class.
Notice the Romero Britto artworks I have hanging above the board?!  Kids LOVE his art!

 Here is where I keep most of my supplies.  This bulletin board was kind of a pain to do because I had to stand on the counter and staple the paper onto the board.  Keep in mind I am 6 months pregnant!
Check out all of the NEW labels on my supplies!  So fresh and clean to start the year:)

Lastly here is my Old Guitarist  by Picasso bulletin board.  I just got this poster from amazon and wanted to make it a focal point in my classroom.

Well that is about it for today.  I better get to sleep because I have meetings all day tomorrow, a dentist appointment and dinner with a lovely friend!  School officially starts Wednesday.  I hope I am ready:)  Meanwhile, I am listening to this song by David Gray constantly on my ipod.  I am in love with his voice and he is one of my favorite artists to listen to especially around the fall.  Also check out this song by Florence and the Machine.  You might recognize it from the Eat, Pray, Love commercial.  The video is definitely creative and interesting:)

Well have a great evening!  I hope to write soon.  The next couple of days are going to be a bit crazy!

UPDATE:  Hello!  I just wanted to post some more bulletin board ideas for anyone interested!  Looking at my blog statistics I have found this post to be one of my most popular:)  For all of you teachers out there here are a couple more ideas:

 Animals in Art Bulletin Board
This bulletin board is made up of past student artwork and color printouts of animal art.  I have found that borders are super important in the overall aesthetic of a bulletin board.  I use construction paper and usually paint on top of it to make it more interesting.  For the zebra pattern I just made copies of a zebra printed folder I had and placed it around the bulletin board to unify everything with the sign.

Color Theory Bulletin Board
For this bulletin board I hung up some of the creative color wheels left over from previous years and included vocabulary such as the primary, secondary, intermediate and complementary colors.  I also used the space above the bulletin board to display a poster by Kandinsky and paintings that display the use of complementary colors.  

 Other bulletin boards from previous years:

Black and white pattern is actually tissue paper I bought at Target!  Cheap and easy way to cover space!
A more simplified approach...Matisse inspired also!

 And if you really have time....

I hand painted this bulletin board and had students create cool leaves if they finished their project early.  

I hope some of these ideas were helpful...I will continue to post more as the year goes on!  If you would like to see my class blog click here for project ideas.


risa said...

I'm just catching up on my blogroll reading...and first off, Congrats! How exciting to be expecting!

I did a fun bulletin board for our office using modpodge and napkins...but that was a much, much smaller bulletin board. Looking good!

Erika Lee Sears said...

Everything looks awesome and very inviting. :)

Kerri said...

i love the poster and glad you made it a focal point.

i use to be a teacher and reading your post brought back the memories of all the $ i spent on stuff like b.b. paper- i didn't think about it then, but reading now that you had to spend your own $ on it made me feel frustrated. i wish teachers were supplied with all they needed!

hope the new school year is off to a great start for u

cindy said...

your art boards looks terrific and so does your new blog header. i love the david gray video and will be mentioning it and you on our blog tomorrow. good luck at school!

Snippety Gibbet said...

Hi...I hope you don't mind, but I posted photos of your bulletin boards on my art blog: Bulletin Boards to Remember. Of course, they are linked back to this blog and I have given you full credit.

If you prefer that I take it down, just let me know.