Saturday, October 3, 2009

Alexi Murdoch and Away We Go

Wow...posting two days in a row....who would have thought I could do it?! I just wanted to tell you about a wonderful movie I just watched called Away We Go!

Here is the trailer:

It was so sweet and funny and had the BEST soundtrack by Alexi Murdoch! I am downloading it now from itunes and can't wait to listen to it:)

Away We Go is directed by Sam Mendes and has John Krasinski and Maya Rudolph as the lead characters.

Here is Alexi Murdoch playing my favorite song from the movie called All My Days

Wow...sorry to bombard you with youtube clips! I watched this adorable movie, I also got some work done in my studio.

My indoor studio space

Painting some backgrounds for some new collages

Little bird next to a new background piece...I wonder what I will collage on top!?

Well I must go and motivate myself to run outside on this cold and dreary looking Saturday...ugggg...hope your weather is prettier wherever you may be!

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