Saturday, June 12, 2010


Happy Weekend!  Today I worked more on cleaning out my summer studio and I might actually be able to start painting out there today!  We are supposed to get some wicked thunderstorms later today so that might actually be kind of cool painting out there in the stormy conditions.  If you would like to see an exterior shot of my summer studio, click here.  I actually included a picture of it in one of my VERY first posts back in good ol' 2008!

Well anyways, I wanted to post some crazy doodles and drawings I worked on yesterday.  I felt like a kid again using my illustration markers.  I just sat outside and drew things that inspired me.  No pencil drawings to make things look perfect, just pure marker drawing!  Excuse the messiness please:)

Here is the first doodle I did:

It was inspired by my LOVE for coffee (and caffeine!)  Sadly I am unable to drink it very much anymore:(

The next doodle is basically just a complete drawing of random objects that caught my eye.  My hanging basket, birdbath in my garden, a girl from a magazine, etc.  Sometimes inspiration comes from ordinary things don't you think?

The very strange thing is that I signed this 1/11/10 instead of 6/11/10!  Where or where is my brain lately?!

Well I am off to work in my summer studio.  I will probably post some pictures later on today of what it looks like inside and some of the work I am currently doing:)  Have a great Saturday!