Monday, July 5, 2010

Another Alfresco Scene

Today I have been working in my studio and wanted to post an artwork that I just finished and a couple of pieces that I just started:) 

Here is my newest painting:  Wine Cafe Alfresco (I am obsessed with dining alfresco...especially in a quaint little forest!)


Here is a little series of 6 that I am working on.  These are just the backgrounds, I will be adding something fun on top when they dry:)
Well I am off to work some more in my studio!  I will post pictures later after I work on my series a little more!  Have a great day!


bicocacolors said...

i loooove your artwork!!
and i love your flag too!!!
greetings from spain

Estela said...

Beautiful! Love the colors

My Owl Barn said...

Love your pieces! This is beautiful!