Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday Painting and Collage Techniques

Hello!  Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend:)  Today the husband spent most of the day watching the final World Cup soccer match so I was able to paint out in my studio ALL day long!  *Lovely*

First I made myself a lovely and refreshing drink to keep me going:

This little drink is made up of cranberry juice and club soda with a squeeze of lime!  I am obsessed with club soda right now.  It makes everything fizzy:)  Also it is KEY to have a fun straw..straws make everything better:)

In my studio I decided to work on some collages.

I am using found papers from magazines, old envelopes, and basically anything pretty that catches my eye:)

Here is the matte medium I use to glue down my papers.  I use a paint brush to apply the medium to the back of my papers and also apply this on top of the papers to give a nice hold.  I also use the back of my paintbrush to burnish the top of the papers so they stick down.  Matte medium dries clear so it is a wonderful material to use for collage:)

After I have my collage pieces down, I use acrylic paint to paint over parts of my collage.  Here are some finished painted collages:

Once I have my painted collages,  I begin to paint my subject matter on a separate piece of paper with acrylics or watercolors.  
For this piece I chose to paint a coffee mug and saucer.

I also LOVE to use Golden fluid acrylics.  They are amazing for fine detail!

When my coffee cup was dry, I used an x-acto blade to cut it out and then I glued it to one of my finished collages with matte medium:

I also added some writing to my little painting with white fluid acrylic paint:

So that is what I did today:)  


Danielle said...

Beautiful collage and I love how you showed how to do it, lovely!

cindy said...

thank you for the tutorial, but i'm still hopeless with collage. i'll enjoy yours!

nolaa gallery said...

you have inspired me to play today!