Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Best Workout=Dance Party

Ok so I don't think I will be able to post a 10 minute sketch today because honestly I was not able to do one!  "You couldn't find 10 minutes to do one little sketch" you might be saying....well not today.  My roommate from college came to visit me and baby Isla which was fantastic!  I love catching up with old friends!  I also  went out today to the local art store to buy some more paint and panel boards.  Going out is a huge deal now...I used to take it for granted but now it is a production!  I have to make sure Isla is fed and that the husband is not busy and can watch her.

So what I am posting today is a new favorite song of mine.  It is not new but it is new to me.  I am obsessed with Pandora, especially the Feist channel.  One song that comes up a lot is this song by Miike Snow called Animal.  Isla and I LOVE to dance to it.  Dance parties are the best:)  I've decided that I will lose all of my pregnancy weight by having lots of dance parties...sounds fun, huh?  So here is Isla and my new favorite dance song.  Enjoy:)  I will try to do 2 10 minute sketches for tomorrow!

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cindy said...

the song is great and i love your new banner! enjoy your weekend!