Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Beach Glass

I have been on the island since Friday evening when the husband, Little I and I took the ferry over.  We have been having a very relaxing time!  Yesterday my mom watched Little I while I took a huge raft out into the lake and just laid out for a half an hour.  It has been so hot this week (90s...with not much breeze)  The best idea ever was when we blew up a kiddie pool for Little I and filled it up with water.  She played in there forever and I was able to put my feet in, look at the lake and drink a lovely cold drink.  I just LOVE summer!

Another thing we have been doing is looking for beach glass.  It is EVERYWHERE and it feels like treasure hunting when you go look for it!

My mom, Little I and I went to a secluded beach the other day to look for beach glass.

My mom and Little I looking for beach glass

This is a picture of the rocks on the beach.  Do you see the glass treasures?
Literally beach glass was everywhere!  Can you find the treasures in this picture?

The beach glass is so shiny when it is wet from the lake.

This was some of our findings.  Beach glass that is really old has that frosted look to it.

My mom and I have collected so much beach glass since last summer when I found my very first piece.  Beach glass is so interesting because it takes about 50 years or so to create each piece of rounded glass.  My mom and I mostly find green, amber and white pieces which are common colors.  I have found a couple of purple pieces, cobalt blue and turquoise!   The rarest colors to find are actually the primary colors, red, yellow and blue.  I guess orange is the rarest of all though.

Do you see in the above picture the rock with the cross on it?  That is something I collect while looking for beach glass.  I have a couple of them.  I guess you could say I am pretty spiritual. 

Next to the cross rock is a piece of pottery with text on it. I would just love to know where it is from also! 

Have  a great day!

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