Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Acrylic Portraits

I have been playing around with skin tone in acrylics. It can be so frustrating sometimes!!!! I did this painting of my grandparents and little brother ( he is now 26 so this is an old pic) using a blue under painting which I found was helpful. I then mixed red oxide with titanium white, naples yellow and a dash of naphthol red. For shadows I used my favorite color, payne's grey. I still have a lot to do especially with my grandpa's face but I like it better than my previous portrait in terms of blending.  I found it was very helpful to use acrylic retarder with my paint which slows down the drying process of the acrylics.  I also LOVE using a dry brush to blend the wet paint around.  This was very helpful in making sure my blending was a little more gradual. Well I am off to paint some more!  Have a good day!

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Cindy said...

skin tones are hard everywhere even in real life. i think the painting looks great!