Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hand Drawing Assignment

Just thought I would post some of the projects completed by my Drawing class. What I love about teaching art is seeing the different approaches my students take to each assignment.

Project: Draw your hands, or a partner's hands five times. Two hands must overlap in your drawing. Use any media you would like and be as creative as you want!

These are just a sampling...some students are still finishing their drawings.


Naval Langa said...

To Ms. Michelle

I myself was ( yes, was ) a painter in the days when I was suffering from the painting fever. I liked the manner in which you created the art articles.

Now a day I write short stories. If you are interested in reading short stories and other writings by an Indian author, do visit my blogs.

Naval Langa

Mrs.French said...

amazingly talented students...

Estela said...

Those drawings are so beautiful! I love what each of them thought up. Very cool assignment

becky said...

Great assignment. I remember teaching my girls how to draw a hand.