Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Intro to Art Projects

Good Evening! Hope everyone had a wonderful Tuesday! It was beautiful in Ohio and another warm day! Love it!

I just wanted to quickly post some projects my Introduction to Art students just finished. There are a ton of great ones to post but I only had time to take a couple of pictures today! The project required the students to draw anything they wanted and then grid over their drawing with 2 x 2 inch squares. Each square and shape had to be different but unify the artwork through color. We have been focusing on the Elements of Art (CTVFLSS- color, texture, form, line, space and shape ) and the Principles of Design (CBUMPER- contrast, balance, unity, movement, pattern, emphasis and rhythm.)

Students did a great job and hopefully learned how to unify a work of art and use different media (students had to use at least 2 different media…most used more!)

To introduce this project I had students look at the artwork of Chuck Close (the more abstract artwork.) I gave a powerpoint presentation on his artwork and we did some art criticism on one of his paintings. Fun stuff!

This project is always a great starter project for my Intro students. It is pretty easy, fun and they get to draw what they want! Always important in motivating students to work hard!

Well have a good night, I need to get some sleep! I am exhausted!


A. Wise Art Journey said...

Good creative blog!

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I don't know much about art but those are really beautifull paintings. (Rene)

Anonymous said...

Sweet Dreams Michelle.I love the fashion photo.

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