Sunday, February 1, 2009

Illustration and Doodles: Vespa

I heart vespas....I think they are adorable. Here is an illustration I did of one using my favorite markers and a pen.

Here are some more doodles with markers and pen...I feel like a little kid.

And finally a serious sketch of a woman from a French magazine I got when I was at the Charles De Gaulle airport a couple of years ago...

Have a happy is actually going to be 40 degrees here! So sad when I get excited for that! I am going to attempt to run outside today. Usually when it is snowy and icy out I run on my treadmill...I am so sick of it though! Today is sunny and warmer so maybe running outside will be enjoyable?! We shall see! I am so ready for spring!


My Dear Darling said...

Very nice! I like the vespa a lot. :D

cindy : quaint said...

your doodles are a little bit of spring! i love vespas, too. especially if they're vintage. happy sunday, michelle!

my word verification is 'spilg' almost spring, but not quite ;).

Estela said...

Love the vespa! I've always wanted one!

C. Beth said...

I really love your little sketches! I think doing something so quickly sometimes makes it more ALIVE.

Beautiful sketch of the magazine woman too.

nolaa gallery said...

your doodles are sweet! LOVE the RED!!!
I know, 40 degrees and the sun was /is shining! WHOOOO HOOOO!!!!
I get excited too!