Thursday, February 12, 2009

Little Jack Henry

Well I was going through some of my old sketchbooks the other day and I came across a collection of sketches I did of my little dog Jack Henry. Yes my dog has two names...he is a very dignified little guy! Usually when I am sketching I draw whatever is in front of me, usually Jack is laying by my side sleeping. He has gotten very lazy in his five years. I don't have much time to draw him because he is a very jumpy little guy so many of my sketches are quick drawings.

Here is the real Jack Henry:

Here are some of my sketches of little J.H

Here is my favorite and most simple sketch of Jack. It was a blind contour drawing done very quickly with a sharpie!

Jack is my muse I guess! What is your muse?


nolaa gallery said...

i love Jack Henry! What a cutie pie! and he is not the only one with 2 names, our standard airdale, Wynton Parker, is named after Wynton Marsalis and Charlie Parker! He goes by Parker on a day to day basis.

C. Beth said...

The contour drawing is awesome but I particularly like the watercolor(?) above it--his eyes look so alive in that one.

What an adorable dog!

Tina said...

such cute drawings! i adore my cat Timmy but I want a dog one day too, maybe a jack russel :)