Monday, March 30, 2009

New Art and Random Adventure!

Hello all..just a quick post before bed...

Here is a new artwork I did for my best friend, (bff if you will) Tiffany. This is for her birthday and I am putting it into a black frame with a white mat to give to her! So excited:) I don't think she usually looks on this blog but if she does...Happy Birthday Tiff! You will get this on Thursday!

How was your weekend by the way? Mine was pretty fun for the most part....The husband and Jack Henry relaxed on the couch on Sunday....

I thought it was cute how Jack had his paw up like that...precious

The husband and I are trying to eat healthy so we bought lots of fruit and veggies...I thought they looked pretty in my bowl (wedding present!)

Too bad the whole eating healthy idea went out the window when the husband and I went to Tower City in downtown Cleveland. We found the most magical store in all of the land...called:

The Sweet Factory!

I took pictures! Check out all of those m&ms! So pretty:)

I got a bagful of delicious candies...

And definitely ate the whole bag on the way home on the train! So much for healthy eating...

Also I saw graffiti when I was downtown and thought it was so cool!

Kind of a bad picture but the husband was yelling at me for looking like a tourist (I was a little camera happy that day!)

Hope your weekend was great! I need to make it through this week is my SPRING BREAK! I am ever so excited:)


cindy : quaint said...

i love the second photo - so cute.

Estela said...

the sweet factory looks dangerous and delicious!!!
Also Jack Henry is super precious i that picture!