Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sketchbook Sparker: Collecting Quotes and Images that Inspire

Hello!  How are you today?  Have I mentioned lately how OVER snow I am?  We got hit with a large amount of snow Monday night and now they are predicting a possible storm on Friday here in Cleveland.  Arg! here for an instant pick me up that will make you feel warm!

So today we are going to be talking again about sketchbook sparkers.  These sparkers are meant to give you ideas if you are ever in a creative rut.  Today's sparker doesn't involve as much drawing as last week's sparker.  It is meant more of as a brainstorming technique that could lead to more drawing and painting (I like to do both in my sketchbook!)

Have you ever heard a cool quote or seen one in a book or magazine?  The kind of quote that really makes you think or just makes a lot of sense?!  What about cool images that you are unexplainably attracted to while flipping through a magazine?  Why not start collecting them in your sketchbook!

Here is a little peek into two of my sketchbook pages that incorporate quotes and images.   I actually didn't even do much drawing on these sketchbook pages.  Instead I let the images and words do the talking.

This quote is something I heard Carrie Bradshaw say on a Sex in the City episode.  I can't remember for the life of me which episode or even which season she says this!  I thought it was so true about growing and changing as a person.

Here it is in my sketchbook  (top right.)


On the left is this quote I found in a magazine:
Sadly I always seem to buy the cheapest!

On these pages I also assembled pictures that inspired me and included my own little drawings and slabs of color with paint.

Here is another example:

A beautiful quote I found in a magazine

Here is how I incorporated it into my sketchbook page:

I also included some images that I liked along with a song lyric that was stuck in my head at the time.  

So if you are ever stuck for an idea for a sketchbook, incorporate a quote or image that inspires you!  It is a great way to get the creative juices flowing!


Erika Lee Sears said...

such great pointers on getting going with the sketchbook sometimes I am overwhelmed just putting it all together.

PS Netflix movies..
alice neel documentary, herb and dorothy, our city dreams, exit through the gift shop, local color (a little on the cheesy side), art of the steal, the cool school

Michelle Brunner said...

Awesome! Thanks for the netflix recommends:) I LOVE Alice Neel especially!

apt3 design said...

I am a quote one on my Facebook wall daily. I've been hesitant to keep a sketchbook (silly as an art student, right?) but I really like this idea of collecting quotes and decorating them.

Lady Grey said...

Very inspirational! I love that quote too : )

Lo mas lindo del mar said...

ooh maan i feel the same way!

ps. love the sketch book, its cool to be able to express yourself so freely in an artsy-pretty way.. haha.. my expression channel soesnt come out as cute

keep up the blog!