Thursday, November 18, 2010

Scenes from a Baby Shower...

Well, I am all showered out!  Saturday my family and friends had a lovely shower for me at a Hunt and Polo club located in town (pictured above!)  and today some of my lovely friends at work put on a shower for me.  I am so spoiled!
Here are some of my favorite pictures:
My two lovely Grandmothers!
Fall-inspired Centerpieces...I totally did not go with the baby shower theme...not my style!
My bestie Jen (we have been bffs since 2nd grade!)
Another bestie of mine, Tiffany!

My adorable Mom:)

The husband holding "Baby's first soccer ball"...his new pride and joy!

The most adorable handmade card ever! Don't you love handmade cards:)

Well my due date is getting closer and closer, I hope the husband and I are prepared:)


Erika Lee Sears said...

Amazing! I can see your little bump and your glow. I am so happy for you.

It looked like a lovely shower.

cindy said...

you are all gorgeous and you definitely have the baby glow. glad you had a wonderful day and it was nice to see your cute hubby. enjoy your weekend!