Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sketchbooks: Strange Drawings/Collages

I have a massive collection of sketchbooks that I have drawn, written and collaged in for the past 8 years.  These sketchbooks are like little diaries because I notice that I draw from my surroundings and also because I write whatever is running through my mind next to my drawings (even if it completely does not relate to my drawing!)  Recently my husband looked in one of my sketchbooks for the first time ( I usually don't let people look through them...I am very self conscious!) and he couldn't believe all of the weird things he found in just one little book!  So anyways I thought I would share with you some of my quick little sketches and collages from one of my books. 

A quick sketch of my tea
Collage/Painting with the helpful reminder: Draw everyday for 20-30 minutes...I TRY to do this every morning before I go to work.
Totally random assortment of coffee cups, a cake, bird and mind is crazy sometimes:)
The garden hose from observation.  My husband saw this drawing and asked if any of our neighbors saw me drawing this because they must have thought I was strange!  

So those are some snippets from one of my sketchbook.   I find that I enjoy adding paint and collage to my sketchbooks best.  What kind of sketchbooks do you keep?  What are your favorite things to draw?

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Erika Lee Sears said...

Wow! Loves- my sketchbooks are crazy and all over the place.