Friday, February 11, 2011

Art Pen Pal Gift

Two days ago I received a package in the mail from my art pen pal.  It was by far the funniest thing she has ever sent me.

It is a packing tape sculpture of a bunny with peeps inside!  Packing tape sculptures are super easy to make.  Click here for a great step- by- step tutorial.  I really want my art club at school to make a bunch of packing tape sculptures for our spring art show.  The only thing is packing tape can be kind of pricey. are you doing?  I am doing pretty well.  Right now "I" is napping so I am trying to write a quick blog post!  I have slowly gotten her on a schedule so that is good:)  

I have been trying to get some art done but it is a slow process.  Here are two backgrounds I have created.  I still don't know what I will be putting on them yet.

I have been looking around my house lately for things that inspire me (especially since I cannot go is like 16 degrees out!)

Here are two things that have inspired me lately that I am going to try and incorporate into an artwork.

These two pears in my kitchen

These lovely silver twigs in my kitchen.

I think it is important to surround yourself with inspirational items.   I was thinking of doing a pear series...we shall see!  Well have a lovely weekend!

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Erika Lee Sears said...

Ok that bunny is quite funny!

I love that blue color on your wall. I love pear especially in salads. I have a bucket of goodwill stuff that I use to help the inspiration process roll sometimes. it has old salt shakers.. some jars. different bottles. :)