Sunday, December 14, 2008

Soy Eggnog

OK...I know this is an art blog- but sometimes you need to go off on a tangent and talk about other things.

Last night the husband and I were out at the grocery store getting some items to make dinner with. While walking through the dairy aisle we suddenly had a craving for eggnog! Strange craving I know..we never drink eggnog so it surprised us to!

Eggnog is soooo bad for you so we were looking for the light eggnogs. I discovered that Silk makes a soy eggnog! It only has 90 calories and 2 grams of fat per 1/2 cup...much healthier!

The husband was very skeptical at first...what could this eggnog be made with if it was vegan? When we got home we tried it and were pleasantly surprised at the taste! Yum! The only major difference to me was the is pretty thin.

So this holiday season if you would like to try a light and dairy free version of eggnog...I am recommending Silk! Oh- it also makes great coffee creamer! I am drinking it now in my coffee and it is delicious!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend...I have been doing all of my Christmas shopping online but still have to do some in- store shopping (blah!) I am going to try and go on Monday when hopefully people will be at work. I have been doing most of my shopping at because you can find almost anything! You also can make wish lists and look at other people's wish lists. Amazing! I also have been doing a ton of shopping on My favorite place! Great unique handmade gifts to give people:)

Where are you doing most of your Christmas shopping?


Anonymous said...

I dont really like the taste of Soy.I dont know what it is.Im all done with my shopping.Finally! LoL....Its a sunny warmish kinda day here after all of the ice we had.I hope we have a white Christmas.Have a great day Michelle!Check out my art blog,its new.I just posted a few illustration artists works.My blog for art is LadyBugLittles.I had a whole list of names I settled on that one.I can post a little lady bug on the corner of my art work.

C. Beth said...

I have been giving Amazon a LOT of business lately. Some gifts...some me. :-D I have Amazon Prime, so I get free 2-day shipping. Woo hoo!

Erika Lee Sears said...

mmm warm yummy drinks make everything better :) i like the chocolate silk