Sunday, August 24, 2008

Artist Trading Cards

Well this weekend has been a whirlwind! I am back in the classroom starting tomorrow so I have been planning all weekend for school. I should probably be sleeping right now but I have so much going through my head it is hard to sleep. I am dreading organizing my whole classroom tomorrow but I am sure I will get through it!

Yesterday I did a fun little art series on some Artist Trading Cards. This whole idea of trading small works of art is pure genius if you ask me. This is what happens: On small pieces of paper/canvas you complete an artwork of your choice. The paper is usually playing card size (or smaller) Then you trade with another artist who has completed their own set of Artist Trading Cards. Each person in turn gets an original work of art! So cool! People are conducting these trades around the world! Almost as cool as the idea of making vending machine art. Old cigarette vending machines have been turned into places where individuals can get a small, original piece of art for $1. Don't worry I am enclosing links! Alright I am going to bed. I have a long day tomorrow. Here are the links: and

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