Monday, November 17, 2008

Sketchbook Love

Here are a couple of drawings taken straight from my current sketchbook. They are messy, colorful, sketchy and definitely NOT perfect...but isn't that what a sketchbook is for?! I have many, many sketchbooks and love to look back through them to see how much I have changed as an artist in terms as the media I use and the subject matter I draw. I sometimes love to draw from observation and other times it is strictly from fashion magazines! The sketches shown are a mixture of watercolor, pencil and ink and even a little collage. I just love combining media! Recently I discovered a collection of 1950's National Geographic magazines and am in LOVE!

Keeping a sketchbook is so important as an artist and I strongly suggest drawing, painting, collaging in one as much as possible! You can even sew in one (I am dying to try this!) My favorite book on sketchbooks or visual journals is the book The Decorated Page: Journals, Scrapbooks and Albums Made Simply Beautiful by Gwen Diehn. I bought it when I was student teaching (a whole six years ago!) and I constantly use it as a source of inspiration!

In my classes I assign a weekly sketch that usually we do in class on Fridays. This week's sketchbook assignment is to draw something or someone you are thankful for. I am hoping to get some interesting drawings...usually I get car keys, ipod and cell phone drawings! What is this world coming to!!!

If you had to do this sketch what would you draw?

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Anonymous said...

I love them Michelle. Thats a great idea too about the sketchbook.I think I will just remember to buy myself one.I dont know how far I will go but im sure excited to try.