Monday, November 3, 2008


Well I just got tagged today by Plaidfuzz

I am supposed to share 7 facts about myself and tag other bloggers....I will try to tag some people soon....I just don't know who I want to tag yet! are so random facts about myself:

1. I cannot cook well at all but love to watch Food Network.
2. I have been to Italy twice...and hopefully will go back soon!
3. I used to speak with a southern accent.
4. I am almost a vegetarian but HATE Celery with a passion.
5. I am addicted to This American Life and would love to meet Ira Glass one day!
6. I am never without Orbit Cool Mint gum...that stuff rules my world
7. I start listening to Christmas music in October......I dork:)

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cindy : quaint said...

these are great, i don't really like to cook much these days, but love to watch other people do it. actually, i like to watch other people make most things. i always have a pack of orbit gum, too.