Monday, April 20, 2009

CBUS Governor Art Show

Over the weekend the husband and I went to Columbus for the Ohio Governor Art Show. One of my students had a drawing accepted and we went down for the ceremony and the opening of the exhibit. It was so cool! I am impressed by all of these incredibly talented high school students!

Here are some pics:

Downtown Columbus...

I just like the composition of this for some reason...

Isn't this cool?

In the gallery (James A Rhodes building)

My student's artwork is the swimmer on the left.

A painting of buttons...who knew they could be such an amazing painting?!

There were lots of other pictures that I took but these came out the best...there were so many people there so it was hard to take a ton of pictures!

Hope you had a great weekend! I only have one more grueling week left and then I am done with my two masters classes for almost a month! I am so excited to have time to do more art! Yay!

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Michelle, thanks for sharing the exhibit. I love the buttons, too. These kids are amazing!