Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cleveland Art Museum

Yesterday the husband and I went to the Cleveland Museum of Art to view two exhibits and some of the collection of the museum. The museum had been closed for a while because they were and still are doing extensive renovations to it. More of the collection will open this summer and I am psyched to go when it reopens!

One of the exhibits we saw was an extensive collection of photographs taken by Lee Friedlander. His photos of family members and his multiple self portraits were so cool! He played around with reflections and shadows in his photographs and often produced very surreal looking images. My favorite photograph is called Mount Rushmore and I love it because Friedlander took pictures of the people looking at Mount Rushmore, an exquisite site, instead of Mount Rushmore (even though you can see it in the reflection.) I love watching people and it seems like Friedlander does to! If you get a chance check out more of his art here.

Anyways...The husband and I enjoyed our day walking around the museum and then had a lovely lunch at a fun Italian restaurant. We watched an interesting movie based on a true story last night about how the California wine industry made it big in the wine world. The movie is called BottleShock with one of my favorite actors, Alan Rickman.

Well here are some pictures from yesterday. I hope everyone has a relaxing weekend! I start back to school on Monday...oh how I am dreading waking up at 5 a.m again! Oh well...summer is on its way!

The husband going into the museum.

Sweet sculpture room closed off until summer...I wish I could have the sculpture of the head in my backyard...very festive for summer get-togethers:)

This was cool...armor from the 1500's...very impressive!

Another great thing is for us to get to the museum we have to drive through Little Italy...and this is where I saw...

This great mural!

Yay for art:) Have a great weekend!


Piggy said...

Sounds like you have a fun time! :) It's been a while since I went to an Art Museum.. Maybe I should check it out this weekend :) Thanks for sharing your day!

nolaa gallery said...

you know, cleveland seems to have such a better museum than columbus. Bigger, and definately more collections from different time periods. There is definately NO armor in columbus!