Sunday, April 5, 2009

Eggshelland I am a runner. I really like to run outside through my neighborhood and all of the surrounding ones around me. Recently I changed up my route because I was getting into a running rut. Today I passed a house that had over 41,000 eggshells in the front yard in the shapes of different animals and a cross. I honestly did not know what to think...impressive or a little strange! I came home and told my husband about what I had seen and he knew exactly what I was talking about. Apparently someone is making a movie on the couple who create "Eggshelland." It has been all over the news and is a long tradition in our town (we are relative newbies still!) Here is what I found on youtube.

After watching this trailer I have a new respect for Eggshelland. I think it is quite lovely and such a beautiful story. I think I will go see the movie when it comes out. Just thought I would share my interesting experience today!


Estela said...

OMG! First off, that's so awesome that you came upon it when you were running! I bet that was an amazing and shocking sight.
and next, the documentary?! YES!!
I'm pretty excited to see it! I love heart-warming stories like that.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Eggshelland. Not just a lawn it's a MOVIE!!!

The CEDAR-LEE THEATRE, known for it's world class selection of Independent Films as well as the best of Hollywood Blockbusters, will be featuring EGGSHELLAND, a FEATURE FILM DOCUMENTARY directed by  former Clevelander, Christopher Noice. The world premiere will be presented at The Cedar -Lee on Friday April 17 or Saturday April 18 at 7:00pm. 

A LYNDHURST TRADITION....“Eggshelland”, (the movie),  is the story of Ron and Betty Manolio, and their unique 52-year family legacy - an inspiring, colorful and poignant display of art and obsession.  Celebrating Easter and Spring in their own unique way every year, the Manolios have brought joy to generations of Midwesterners waking from a long, gray winter.   It 's a beautiful, funny, strange and emotional story of the many lives that have been touched, the never- ending joy of childhood in the Spring, and the resounding contentment of a life well lived.   But “Eggshelland” is more than a documentary starring 60,000+ eggs.  It's a nostalgic look at love, marriage and family.  It's a quirky commitment to community and artistic passion.  It's a delightful journey through our childhood,  revisiting Cleveland legends such as Barnaby, Woodrow The Woodsman and Mr. Jingeling.    It's a lemon tree that grows lemons as big as a human head.  It's 4 antique cars, 3 snowstorms, 2 giant talking bunny rabbits, 1 firetruck and a tragic, police investigated, unsolved CRIME!    Christopher Noice has managed to capture all of this and more, without missing one Easter morning smile on a child's face. 
Visit the website and watch the trailer at


Cedar-Lee Box Office Online

Zagara's Marketplace
Both Lee Rd and Wilson Mills Locations

April 5-17

KnitXcorE said...

wow! it's like salvation mountain :-)