Monday, June 15, 2009

New art and sketchbook sharing!

I finished this artwork a little while ago but have not had time to post it...oh how I miss doing art! I cannot wait until my summer classes are over with! I am planning on doing a second one similar to this one so they can be hung together!

Here is an artwork that I did in college for fun (almost 9 years ago!) It is so simple yet one of my favorite artworks that I have done. I usually keep it in my classroom throughout the year but brought it home over the summer to look at for inspiration!

I was looking through some of my old sketchbooks and came across these pages I thought i would share with you! Sometimes I like to go through magazines and cut out pictures and patterns that inspire me and sometimes I use them as starting points for my own artwork. I love this Chinese Proverb also: Buy the best and only cry once!

Here is another one from the same sketchbook:

Ever since I was little I loved going through home decorating magazines and cutting out pictures that inspired me. Where do you find your inspiration?


Erika Lee Sears said...

Your sketch book completely shows your journey which I do love your inspiration pieces. I keep a lot of half finish work round so that i am inspired to finish them or make more unfinished work. :) love your work

UniqueNurseGranny said...

Amazing.What talent.

cindy : quaint said...

your paintings would make beautiful textiles and i love your sketchbooks. they're works of art, too.