Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Landscape Video 2

Final landscape painting

This is the second installment to my landscape painting video series. The first one was posted last Tuesday. That video was just my underpainting. This video shows me painting the first layer of color over the underpainting. There is not any major detail shown yet. I am saving that for the final landscape painting video! Wow 3 videos! I did all of these videos with my mac laptop. I still have a LOT to learn! The whole reason I started doing these videos was so that I could upload them for my students to watch for a demonstration. That way I was not taking up the whole class time painting! Tell me what you think, I really value your opinion!


1 comment:

cindy : quaint said...

michelle, this video is so educational and it's wonderful to watch your progression with the painting. process is always interesting to me and seeing the many layers in the piece shows that great paintings are not easily created. looking forward to the next segment.