Saturday, December 20, 2008

Creative Color Wheels

Here is a fun little project to do with kids of all ages! Create a unique color wheel using only the primary colors (red, blue and yellow). This project will help students learn to mix colors. Mixing your own paint colors produces more realistic colors than if you were to use paint directly from the tube.

If you would like to see the lesson plan for this project you can go to my art education website Canvas Door and click on Color Mixing. It is a pdf file and you can download it if you would like!

I do this project with my introduction to art students (grades 9-12) and they all seem to love it! They get really creative with some of their color wheels! Here are some of my students' examples.


Estela said...

how cool! I love what your students did!

Nat said...

I always love doing paintings that explore the relationship of color. It is great how you changed the boring project of making a color wheel into real art.