Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Artwork

I have gotten back to doing some art today and this is what I have come up with:

Apparently I cannot get the idea of celebrating and being merry out of my mind!

This one is called Vino 1...yes there will probably be more of these to come!

This next one is called Still Life with Cupcake and Flowers in Vase....the sugar-filled holiday has made its way into my art I guess!

This last one is more of my typical style (birds and flowers). This does not have an official title as of yet...I need to think of one:)

I still need to glaze these and mat them before they get put on etsy. Hopefully someone will want to give these artworks a home!

Hope you are having a great Saturday! It is actually WARM in Ohio...kind of rainy though:( Oh well...I will take what I can get!


C. Beth said...

Oh, Michelle, I LOVE the first one!!

I have a little idea of a way we could promote our blogs together--e-mail me and I'll give you my thoughts and you can tell me if you're interested or not. :)


BlueTerracotta said...

Your work is great! Very colorful!

Anonymous said...

Very nice Michelle.Im used to your birdies,lol.I have looked at much art, and have found so many done with little birds.Im trying to sketch birds a bit.Just trying out different things.I like the one with the cupcake ,lol yes i think all the sweets are still in our thoughts and minds.At least my mind but I do try and move on.LOL yesterday at the store these yummy looking kisses were on sale....but I thought no its just time to forget the sweets lol.Here in pennsylvania we are having a bit of spring like temps as well.I guess there is something real big and bad on its way,lol.Usually happens that way after the warm weather.Have a great New year Michelle.

nuvonova said...

I love your bird and flowers inspired once the most!

Erika Lee Sears said...

I really love how they are all really different. I also like the cupcakes background. You blog is very motivating to just be making art. :) Hope you had a good Christmas!


I love your new work, Michelle !! Especially the little nameless one :)

happy new year!!!

(and I always get the post-holiday blues too...especially when the kids head back to school and the house is dreadfully intend to immerse myself in art!!!)

Anonymous said...

Your art work is so beautiful!