Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New Art

Wow! I cannot believe it will be Wednesday tomorrow...thank goodness! I am just posting quickly that I will have 2 new art series coming out this weekend. I am very excited! I will be putting up on Etsy a dragonfly and sailboat series. I have been doing birds all summer long and just love them but I feel that I need to try some new themes. I have finished a couple of new bird collages as well that I will be posting. Here is a quick 10 Things I Did Today list. I really like this idea and think I am going to do one every time I post. It serves as a great reminder how the little things are what make your day meaningful.

1. Ate Chinese food (I am obsessed with tofu)
2. Ran for 30 minutes after school.
3. Completed 3 artworks.
4. Listened to Madeleine Peyroux all day!
5. Taught my classes (took up pretty much my whole day)
6. Drank hot chocolate (my favorite!)
7. Read the new Time Magazine.
8. Received a fortune from a fortune cookie (you will receive a letter or message that is good news....ok that is good I guess!)
9. Put two new images on Etsy
10. Am going to sleep before 11!!!!! I hope

Ok, well I am off to set my coffee machine for tomorrow morning and then I am going to sleep! I will write more...Here is my latest add to Etsy. It is called Italian Cafe Bird and was inspired from some photographs I took when I was in Florence, Italy two years ago. Florence is one of my favorite cities, I need to go back!

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your cafe picture!