Friday, July 3, 2009

Doodles and a painting!

Hello! I actually got to work in my studio today...yay! Here is a painting that I am actually working on for ME! It is going in my kitchen as soon as I finish is the progress so far:

I still have collage elements to add but the background is pretty much done except for some is not as colorful as I normally am but it needed to match my kitchen:)

Here are some doodles I have been doing...I am SO over drawing realistically...this is so much more fun.

Ok, well I am off to hang out with the husband...we are just chilling out this is raining and yucky here and we feel like being lazy bums:) What are you doing tonight?!

1 comment:

C. Beth said...

I love this direction you're going!

Happy 4th, Michelle!