Monday, July 20, 2009

New Artwork!

Alas, I finally have gotten around to putting new artwork into my little etsy store!

I am quite excited and hope you will take a peek at my new items! There are many more to come, I think I am on a roll!

Here is a quick glimpse:

Vino III

Resting Red Deer

Lovely Blue Bird

Lovely Pink Bird

Well I am off to work in my studio, have a fantastic Tuesday!



Oooh I love Vino III, but I love vino, full stop :0)

You are very talented!

cindy said...

they look wonderful!

Curtis Collectables :) said...

Nice photos! Good luck with your shop.

Grace said...

So great. And your photos look amazing. Did you go to art school?


Oh Michelle! I love these. The patterned designs are wonderful. Love the colors, too.

cabin + cub said...

oh they are all so pretty! Love how you photographed them too!

courtney said...

so pretty - i love the photos of them! so bright and cheery. :)

Michelle Brunner said...

Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback! I had so much fun photographing them:)

I did go to art school..wish I could keep taking art classes forever!