Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New Direction....

I am a girl with many different interests and loves. Recently I have felt like changing my artwork a little. I have always loved painting from observation and from photographs but have not done so lately because I was interested in creating a more stylized and abstract line of art. I am constantly trying to figure out what my "style" is. In college I always did paintings with very high key colors that combined my love with fashion and color. As I have gotten older I have been attracted to more neutral and simpler colors. I have been obsessed with white and blue for awhile now and lately I am really into french gray (and no, not because it has the word french in it...but that does help!)

So here are some of my new artworks that are not finished but still reflect a change in style. I would really like to know if you like these or my colorful collage artworks better. They are so different (except for the birds!)but I honestly like both of them.


Chickadee with coffee cup...which one do you like better?

Olive Warbler...obviously not finished but I like the contrast:)

Well I am off to continue working in my studio! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday! Here is a little Billie Holiday "Summertime" for you. I just love her:)


Amanda Fall - PersistentGreen said...

I'm all about color--love your bright ones best...but then again, maybe it's all about stages in one's life. I'm not far beyond those college years. Maybe eventually I'll gain more appreciation for neutrals. :) The new work really is lovely, though.

Devyn Larson said...

Loving those friendly birds and your new work! I have gone in a span of two weeks, from wood burning to Mexican folk art to metalwork. I think I suffer from artistic ADD. ") Now I want to weld! Hopefully the house wont burn down.

This could be your artistic "Blue" period. Enjoy and Happy painting!

cindy : quaint said...

i'm no help, i like them all!