Monday, January 12, 2009

10 minute sketch: Favorite wedge shoe

Here is my latest 10 minute sketch. This is a sketch of one of my favorite patent leather wedge shoes that I wear daily to school. As a teacher it is very important to have comfortable shoes because I am on my feet 8 hours of the day (seriously.) For me it is very important to also have CUTE, comfortable these fit the bill!

This sketch was done with black pen and watercolor. Here is my lovely little cheapo watercolor set that I like to use.

I actually have fancier watercolors but these work for my little 10 minute sketches.

Have a good night! I will be announcing the winner of my art giveaway soon with C.Beth. Please check back! Have a good night!


nolaa gallery said...

Good Morning Michelle! I like the Messy watercolors! It's as inspiring as a fancy clean set!
Oh, I loved those bottles of paint sketch! love the green and blue together.
have a great wintery day! brrr....
warm hugs!

cindy : quaint said...

i love the shoes, but your sketch of them even more. i always like the combination of black pen and watercolor. it just looks so illustrative.

Michelle Brunner said...

Thanks Jen and Cindy! You guys are so sweet:) Cindy, I love black pen and watercolor is becoming my favorite!