Sunday, January 4, 2009

10 minute Sketches

For the new year I promised myself I would do something art related every day. I have decided that I will do a 10-15 minute sketch from observation every day using anything but a pencil! This way I will not be freaking out over little mistakes and will actually be more free in my drawings. Drawing from observation is the key here also. Drawing from life is actually a lot harder than drawing from a picture. A picture is already 2D while an actual object is 3D and you have to put it into a 2D space (the paper.)

This will be an interesting challenge for me! By posting the sketches it will make me keep up with this little project! Now be warned...these sketches are rough! All flaws will be seen because I cannot erase!

Here is the little pad I will be working in- it is only 3 x 5 inches!

Here is today's first I said...very rough! 10 minutes was all it took!

This is a sketch of a pair of small scissors sitting on my desk. I drew it first with a blue ball point pen and then colored it in with colored pencils.

Hope everyone has a great night...I have to go back to school tomorrow! I am dreading the alarm going off tomorrow at 5 am! I have been so lazy on my Holiday break...oh well...back to work!


Amanda (Blake) Fall said...

Very cool resolution. I had to do EXTREMELY quick sketches in my life drawing class (30-60 seconds)...scary but good for breaking through those barriers, and capturing energy and movement.

I look forward to seeing more!

-Amanda/Persistent Green

tangled sky studio said...

hi michelle,
this is a great exercise and i really like the fact that you are not using a way this will almost be a bit like a visual journal if you stick with it...happy new year!


CurlyfrySC's Collage said...

This is something so simple that everyone should do. Create an item everyday. It's good for the mind.

Good luck and I hope you keep it up throughout the year.

Anonymous said...

Very nice!Have a great day!

TesoriTrovati said...

Hello Michelle-
I found your site through Beth.
Love the resolution. I will share this with my artist friend Rainy at
I wanted to comment on your favorite video but could not find a way. I, too, loved the video. And those other two on the early MTV were also favorites, especially Sledgehammer. Remember when MTV actually played music and videos were more than montages of sexual images? Actual art being brought to life? Too bad we cannot get back to that....Enjoy the day!
Erin, TesoriTrovati