Friday, January 2, 2009

What is Beauty?

Here is my painting class's next project- I copied and pasted right from the handout I am giving them.

Some quick background info: We have been working with watercolors for the past month and our next big painting assignment is to create an artwork that illustrates what the student thinks is considered beautiful. I like to keep things pretty vague so that the student can really be creative and not have a ton of restrictions. I also showed students a powerpoint on Robert Rauschenberg a Pop artist who used a lot of transfer techniques, assemblage and collage in his art.

This assignment is to help in the brainstorm process for the “What is Beauty” painting assignment. It is also meant to be a unique work of art in it’s own right at the end of the process.

Steps to complete the collage:

1.Collect 10 (depending on size) images that relate to what you perceive beauty to be from magazines, newspapers, images printed from online or personal photographs. Give me at least one to photocopy for packing tape transfer method.

2. Stretch or tape your watercolor paper on your board. Alter your watercolor paper (backing for your collage) using at least one texture technique (sponging, salt, saran wrap, alcohol, stamping, scratching, spraying) Let DRY!

3. Illustrate at least one of your images with watercolor and ink on either tagboard, construction paper or newspaper. Make your illustration at least 4 x 4 inches or bigger. You may abstract this illustration from the original picture.

4. Alter 3 images by either a) cutting something out from the image b) painting on top of your image with watercolors or acrylic or c) drawing over the image with sharpie.

5. Complete at least one packing tape transfer with one of your photocopied images (remember step 1!) Remember to not do this in the sink-it will clog it!

6. Create your own what is beauty image. Draw from a photograph or observation on watercolor paper an object that represents beauty to you. Use watercolors and charcoal pencil. Make sure your image is at least 4 x 4 inches.

7. Once you have followed all of these directions begin to organize your new and improved images! Create an interesting composition on your watercolor paper. Include all of your images (at least 5). You may further cut and crop any pictures to make your collage flow.

8. When you are satisfied with your collage, glue images down onto the taped/stretched paper with matte medium. Add layers of acrylic or watercolor paint over some of your images to make them unified with the artwork.

9. You may add more collage items on top of your collage if you feel it needs it. Other options include adding 3d elements such as twine, string, little trinkets, ribbon to create an interesting textural effect.

I have been playing around with an example for this project to show students and this is what I have done so is not finished but on its way!

My ideas of beauty include nature, innocence, wonder, hope, spirituality. I cut out images such as deer, a little boy and his dog looking out the window, trees, birds, etc. I used scrabble pieces and collaged a bird and an apple on them. I liked the 3-D elements they gave this piece. I am going to continue working on it today (if I ever get off the computer!) and will post more pictures later!

What are images/words that symbolize beauty to you?


Anonymous said...

Thats a great idea Michelle.I think I may try that here.I will have to write them all down it will take me a few days but when I do I will post it.My ideas of beauty are about like yours.Nature is definately one,Innocence,Spirtuality,Love,belief or God.

Maisy Brown said...

Beautiful results! I'd love to try this myself, it's a great exercise. Your work is lovely.

Kate said...

This is nice! I like the ideas very much.