Wednesday, January 21, 2009

10 minute sketch: Pink Heels

Here is today's 10 minute sketch. It is of one of my favorite spring shoes. These are cute pink heels I got at Banana Republic a couple of years ago and they never seem to go out of style (at least to me they don't!) The only thing is that they are not the most comfortable shoes if you have to be on your feet all day! I did this sketch with a green colored pencil and some watercolors.

I also have some swatches of paper and fabric that I found recently that have really inspired me. Here is a piece of fabric I found in an old box of fabric we have at school. I just love the colors and the flower shapes. I will definitely be using these flower shapes in my artwork sometime soon!

Here is some beautiful paper that I got when I was in Venice about 2 years ago. I bought some jewelry at a boutique there and it came wrapped in this paper. I just love the paisleys and the floral pattern.

What inspires you?


Matthew Szozda said...

What inspires you? Inspiration can come from anything. Inspiration can be words on a page, a picture that just "gets you" or a video that gives you the chills. Inspiration can be found in life, when the sun hits you just right, when words spoken or sang, hit you in just the right spot. Inspiration can be found at any time, and any place. Therefore it is not a question of what inspires me, but rather what does not. Whether this inspiration motivates you, or just gives you a disgust saying well thats wrong or I could do better. These things in one way or another give us new ideas and opinion granting inspiration in a multiple variation of amplitudes.

Michelle Brunner said...

I agree Matt! are really deep:)