Tuesday, January 13, 2009

10 minute sketch: Tootsie Pop

Here is my latest 10 minute sketch. It is of my favorite candy, Tootsie Pop suckers (chocolate flavored!) I did this in watercolor and black ink. It kind of turned out a little weird but oh well. I think I overdid the hatching in the background...hmmm...I will try to control this next time:)

Today has been a stressful day...I hate stress! I am starting two online masters classes and am trying to figure out when I am going to complete all of the coursework and work my full time job as a teacher and still do the whole art business and blog thing! I will just figure it out I guess! Have a great night!


halloweenie, smile! said...

I really like how the colours turned out in your sketch! I wish I was good at sketching.. Must practice :)

C. Beth said...

I am just really digging your 10-minute sketches. Lots of talent comes out in that 1/6 of an hour every day!