Saturday, January 10, 2009

10 minute sketch: Paint bottles

Here is my latest 10 minute sketch. This sketch was of two of my acrylic paint bottles. I drew my favorite colors: Golden brand's Cobalt Turquoise and Liquitex brand's Light Blue.

To complete this sketch I first painted an underpainting using the light blue and some cadmium yellow acrylic paint. I scratched into the wet paint to create designs and then let it dry. Next I drew on top of the painted surface with a black ball point pen. I added highlights with a white watercolor crayon. The lines are very sketchy and loose but that is what makes these 10 minute sketches so fun and free for me.

I am currently reading this great book called Living the Creative Life by Rice Freeman-Zachery. It is so inspirational and cool to read about the artists in this book. It talks about what is creativity and interviews a ton of working artists. So that is my recommend for the day:)

Oh, I also just found a new band that I really like! They are called Company of Thieves. Here is Oscar Wilde, a song you can actually get free on itunes! I downloaded it and ended up buying the whole cd!

Are there any new bands you have discovered lately and would like to share? I am always looking for new music!


Maisy Brown said...

Cool! I love discovering new bands in unusual ways.
Love your 10 minute sketches, they are very lively, and very much appeal to my sense of colour!

My Dear Darling said...

Great piece! :) I need to get back into sketching. Beautiful inspiration.