Friday, January 9, 2009

Watercolors: Daffodil

Here is a small watercolor painting of some daffodils in a vase. I found the picture in one of my Martha Stewart magazines and just loved it because it reminded me of Spring! I painted it on 4 x 6 watercolor paper and used masking fluid to retain my whites. If you have not tried watercolors yet I strong recommend them! They are so easy transport and clean up very quickly! You can also combine them with other media such as ink and charcoal!

If you haven't checked out my students' watercolor paintings yet, please check them out!


Anonymous said...

Michelle~you can combine them with charcoal and ink?Wow that I never knew.

nolaa gallery said...

Hi Michelle, I am checking out the link you put up to the watercolor techniques. Thank you! I love the swirl on your blue carpet with the red chair, and that watercolor is gorgeous!