Thursday, January 15, 2009

10 minute sketch: My favorite boots

Today's 10 minute sketch is of one of my favorite pair of boots. I bought these boots at Target (one of my favorite stores!) I live in Ohio so therefore I wear lots of boots throughout the winter. These are comfortable, cute, affordable and have 3 buckles! In my book, that is a good boot! Oh and yes the foot on the boot is that small...I wear a 5 1/2 which is freakishly small I know! I rarely can find cool shoes in my size! This sketch was done with watercolor and ink.

Hope everyone is staying warm is supposed to be -15 to -20. Usually we would have school canceled for tomorrow but since it is a teacher workday I will be forced to brave the cold!

I will be posting some fun new art projects my students did tomorrow so please stay tuned!

Happy Weekend Eve!


nolaa gallery said...

oh, you need those boots girlie! my car was reading -7 today!
what do teachers REALLY do on work days??

Michelle Brunner said...

I know it was SO cold today! Every school around us got canceled but we still had to go in:( On work days we do grades and organize our rooms and prepare is so much fun...ha!