Friday, January 9, 2009

I love women in hats....

Apparently I have a thing for women in hats....which is strange because I kind of look stupid in them. Every time I see a picture with a woman with a cool hat on, I want to draw her.

Case in point:

Done in acrylic paint

Done in watercolor and pen

Done in watercolor and pen with collage elements

These were all done in my altered book.

Here are some other artworks I have done in my altered book:

The seed heads of dandelions are my favorite to paint... they are so soft and pretty!

My altered book has been sitting on a shelf for awhile but recently I have been working on it again. It is a nice place to play around with different media and subject matter. Check out a cool altered book gallery here.

As usual here is my 10 minute sketch for today. It is the blender in my kitchen. I used Chartpak markers (illustration markers). My kitchen is pretty much white and black...I totally changed that in my drawing! I like color way too much and sometimes go overboard! So here it is:

Well I am off to have some is Friday you know;)


cindy : quaint said...

i love the hats, the alterbook paintings are wonderful, and your blender is so cute. happy weekend!

Estela said...

I love your 10 minute sketch!!!
It looks very cool, I love the fun colors.
I'm attracted to women in hats too! haha, I just wish I could wear all sorts of cool hats