Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Hello! I just wanted to pop in really quick and tell you that an amazing artist named Karen Fields has featured my Midnight Dragonfly artwork on her blog.

If you get a chance check her out. Her paintings are simply beautiful and make you think spring is on the way! Here is one of my favorite's of Karen's. It is called Cottage Bohemian and is an 8 x 10 original painting. You can buy it here.


Anonymous said...

Michelle your things in water color are so nice.I went to artclass today the first day.Im not doing well in watercolor to say the least.LOLHopefully it will be much better in weeks ahead.I love sketching so much better but I feel if I do well soon maybe that will change.

nolaa gallery said...

HI Michelle! You inspired me and I have done some QUICK sketches, which, I must say, I wasn't thrilled with until I used the watercolor on them, then, not so bad!
Stay warm!

Michelle Brunner said...

Becky, Keep going with the watercolors, you will do awesome!

Jen- I am so glad you did some sketches! I know they don't always turn out the best but they are great practice don't ya think?! Watercolor for some reason makes everything look prettier!